12th annual Louie Bluie Music & Arts Festival

We're excited to mark 12 years of celebrating the legacy of Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong in Campbell County.

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The festival was founded by a group of enthusiastic music- and history-lovers who were surprised to learn that talented and acclaimed musician and artist Howard Armstrong had spent his childhood years in LaFollette. The wheels of the idea began spinning around 2000, when, upon invitation by Bill Claiborne, Howard and his wife Barbara visited LaFollette as part of the filming of Leah Mahan's documentary film Sweet Old Song. The town hosted several homecoming events for Howard. After Howard's death in 2003, several East Tennesseans whose hearts and minds had been captured by his wit, wisdom and uncanny musical skills set forth to further honoring him with a festival. This, the Campbell Culture Coalition was formed in 2006 with the goal of creating a celebration of the music, arts, culture and heritage of our community to help offset negative images, and to raise community pride. The original board members of the CCC (President - Jo Anne M. Myers; Secretary - Trulene H. Nash; Treasurer - Jocelyn W. Griffo; Vice President - Peggy Mathews; Historian - William F. Claiborne; Susie Henson; and Tonia Brookman) were integral in forming what's known today as the Louie Bluie Music & Arts Festival.