VISUAL ART JUDGING - Amateur Adult and Youth

IMPORTANT CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS YEARS: Submissions for ALL AGES AND CATEGORIES for judging are accepted at Cove Lake State Park Pavilion/Recreation Building on Thursday, Sept. 28 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. - ONE DAY ONLY.  All entries will be exhibited during the festival Saturday, Sept. 30, from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and must be claimed between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. that day. There is a new tent on the grounds featuring all Youth art submissions BUT ALL ARTISTS SUBMIT AND CLAIM THEIR ART ONLY AT THE PAVILION. 


ELIGIBILITY: Open to all amateur artists regardless of location. Amateur artists are defined for this event as any artist whose primary source of income is not derived from sales of his or her art. Submit only original artwork that has been created by you, the artist.

Age Divisions: All divisions will be judged within age categories as follows:

  • Adults: age 19 and above
  • Teen: age 14 to 18
  • Youth: not yet 14 

Entry fees: Adults: $10 per submission; Teen: $5 per submission; Youth: $2 per submission. Fees (paid by cash, money order, or check made out to Campbell Culture Coalition) paid on day of submission. Entry forms provided at arrival Thursday.


  • TWO-DIMENSIONAL visual art on a flat surface in the following mediums: oils; acrylics; charcoal/pastels; pen & ink/pencil drawing; watercolor; mixed media. 2D art may not weigh more than 50 pounds including frame. The Louie Bluie Festival Art Committee reserves the right to determine how to exhibit art 36" x 36" or larger. We cannot accept electronic/computer-generated art, nor photography.
  • THREE-DIMENSIONAL visual art (woodcut/carving; stained glass; mosaics; pottery, etc.). All pieces entered will be considered as a single category for purpose of ribbons/awards. 3D art may not weigh more than 50 pounds including stands, frames, or any multiple pieces that act together as one. Top-heavy or unstable work will be disqualified due to risks during public exhibit. 3D artwork must be self-supporting.


  • Two Dimensional Visual Arts for Adults and Teens.  Each medium below is considered a separate category for the purpose of placings/awards. ("a" through "f" are the only seven categories provided by the festival art competition)
    1. Oils
    2. Acrylics
    3. Charcoal/pastels
    4. Pen & Ink/Drawing/Prismacolor
    5. Watercolors
    6. Mixed Media
    7. Other, Including Calligraphy/Written Art
  • Two Dimensional Visual Arts for Youth under 14 ("a" through "d" are the only four categories provided by the festival art competition. Standard size canvases accepted but no larger than 16" x 20", please)
    1. Charcoal/pastels/colored pencils*
    2. Drawing
    3. Watercolor
    4. Mixed media (combinations of the above)
  • Adult Three-Dimensional Visual Arts (woodcut/carving; stained glass; mosaics; pottery, china, other)
  • Teen and Youth Under 14 Three-Dimensional Visual Arts (woodcut/carving; stained glass; mosaics; pottery, china, other).

Student artists and their school instructors are encouraged to submit their works collected and coordinated by the instructor. Entry blanks can be delivered to art instructors in advance (upon request), and a festival art show coordinator will be happy to guide preparation in advance.

JUDGING METHOD - Every piece entered will be judged on its own merit. Written judging criteria is used to evaluate a number of workmanship subsets, creativity & originality; presentation and overall quality. Judges' evaluation sheets will be presented to artists at close of exhibit. Scoring and Placing: Judging sheets will be scored by two qualified judges using a value of 1 to 10 (10 being perfect) for five specific artistic skills.  First, second, and third ribbons will be awarded for each qualifying category.

Ribbons/Award Minimum Number Requirement: At least THREE SEPARATE ARTISTS must be entered in a category to warrant ribbons/awards. If there are fewer than three, each entry will be judged, but will NOT RECEIVE ribbons or awards. THIS IS, UNFORTUNATELY, AN ECONOMIC CONCESSION TO BUDGET CONSTRAINTS. Each piece, however, will again be eligible for a future Louie Bluie Art Competition, provided the date of execution does not exceed five years. 

Entrants are not permitted to attend judging session. Judges’ decisions are final. Results will not be made public until Saturday, Sept. 30, after 10 a.m. when the exhibit opens.

All must be original (no reproductions) executed by the artist, and must have been created within the past five years. The Louie Bluie Music & Arts Festival committee reserves the right to reject or refuse to display any entry, and to re-categorize entries.

Vulnerable art (especially watercolor, charcoal, pastels, colored pencil, pen/ink) should have appropriate protective clear view covering such as  glycene envelopes (available at art supply stores) or shrinkwrap (not kitchen cling wrap). Visual Arts staff use due care but will not be held liable for damage to unprotected vulnerable art.


Youth Under 14 and Teen 2-D art are not required to be framed, and will be exhibited on tabletop easels in the new ArtSpace tent provided by the festival organizers. 

Adult Artists' 2-D art will be exhibited in the Pavilion and will be hung (no easels). Whether framed or not, all Adult artists entries should be equipped with wire/eye for hanging. Park rules forbid hanging art on the walls of the Pavilion exhibit building. Our free-standing supports are suitable for wire/eye attachments only; sawtooth cannot be hung. Artists whose work is not equipped with wire/eye for hanging will have the option to add wire and eye attachments available at the entry desks for an additional $3.

Heavy or unwieldy art work unsuitable for table easels or hanging vertically will be stood on the floor and propped against table or wall.  Three dimensional art will be exhibited in the best possible location. We reserve the right to decide how best to exhibit all entries.

Names/initials must be covered if work is signed. The only ID for the artwork until the entire judging process is finalized is the assigned entry number. 

Work previously entered in any prior Louie Bluie Festival Arts Competition will not be accepted - except as stated in Ribbons/Award Minimum Number Requirement (see above).


The two exhibit areas (Pavilion and ArtSpace Tent) will close at 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 30. Art may be claimed beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Pavilion, which will be closed by Park Rangers at 6:30 p.m.  This is the same location where entries were accepted. To protect your art, you must present claim ticket before we release any artwork. This rule will be strictly enforced. Any artwork not claimed will be removed off site.

For more information: Leah Kitts, Art Competition Chair at, or Karen Cumorich, Co-Chair at

The Louie Bluie Music & Arts Festival committee reserves the right to reject or refuse to display any entry, and to re-categorize entries.

Special Thanks to our sponsor, LaFollette Eye Clinic.